Who we help

We want to work with clients who are out to deliver game-changing RPA value to their organization. Leaders who seek to redefine their cost structures while improving delivery for their customers and enriching the jobs of their employees.
Business leaders
 Constant change PLUS delivering more with less are the new norm. Gone are the days of shipping jobs to low-cost centers which aren't as low cost as they used to be. Leaders must work harder to achieve savings, quality, employee satisfaction, and compliance.

Robotics is a means to achieve all the above, plus the speed of deployment enables 'quick wins' for immediate in-year value. Time to rethink your operating and resourcing models, and how you solve problems. Let us help you see how digital workers make sense for you.  
Technology leaders
As enterprise software is reinvented to keep up with advances in system intelligence, meeting the business needs for both strategic and day-to-day automation will become increasingly harder. While everything can't be the #1 priority, business leaders have little patience when competitiveness and bonuses are at risk. 

Robotics brings great value at scale, making quality and supportability requirements for lasting value. Anyone can get one robot to work but getting 100s to work side-by-side is hard. Find out how we can help.
Robotics leaders (Center-of-excellence)
Congratulations! You've hit a major milestone for sustainable robotics in your organization. As the word is spreading, you're probably getting more requests than you can handle. Now what? 

We have skilled resources who are certified in leading packages (e.g., Blue Prism®) to lend a hand either on a project or augmentation basis. We can train and certify your people and be on call to help as designers or perform design quality reviews. Let us be your partner.
Service providers
​​We know it's hard to support your client's every need while running a profitable business, especially with newer technologies. Without robotics scale, pressure to deploy trained people on non-RPA projects are daunting. WonderBotz can help. Let us provide robotics expertise while you focus on higher value advisory. 

We will build automations on a project or augmentation basis. You or your client can take it from there or we could run your robotics operation.