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veteran RPA leaders

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Your team must deliver sustainable, automations quickly and at scale to have a material organizational impact and deliver your business case (and, possibly, fund results-based bonus payouts). Working at low scale or taking too long to show significant impact is a recipe for lost sponsorship, lost funding and marginalization.
Does this sound familiar? ​​

News of how robotics add value to the business has become viral
Your internal clients are clamoring to accelerate; new clients are coming to you growing your robotics backlog faster than you can deliver.

Demand far exceeds your ability to deliver
Your team knows their jobs, how to work together and how to work with your internal clients but is too small
to perform funded work, slowing down your value realization.

Results are measurable and frankly better than you initially promised
You have a track record of delivering solutions that work for your happy clients and can quantity value created in business terms.
What's keeping you up at night?

  • Your business partners will start their own programs if you can't support their needs
  • Outside partner would disrupt your operations and be too risky for your internal reputation
WonderBotz can help

We want to help you keep your momentum and further expand without missing a step. We are ready to:
  • Integrate with your teams, acting like one of you or under our brand as you prefer
  • Provide skilled, certified resources to speed your efforts
  • Get straight to the point without the continuous sales dialogue

WonderBotz can take on some of your project load or provide you with our resources to work under your direction. Please check out our professional services page.