Success with RPA in 
services businesses 

Robotics is always part of larger engagements whether as a quick hit, a long-term solution or to deliver year-over-year operating savings. It has worked, delivering the benefits on-time and on-budget. Your client is happy, wants to buy other projects, keep you around longer, and is willing to be a great reference to prospects and the media.
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Does this sound familiar?

Client is ready but nobody is available to staff on the project
You have had many client briefings or been hard at work building the ideal transformation strategy and road map. Now, client is ready to start the work but you don't have anyone to staff the project who has hands-on robotics experience.

Your leadership will not let you hire, train and ring-fence people until you have a backlog of work
Your leadership says it wants to invest but will not provide the funding and utilization relief to hire, train and hold staff. It's especially true for robotics because it typically takes months become proficient and certify.

Robotics is becoming important to clients and is proving to be harder than it looks
Robotics isn't a big part of your practice plan as which is dominated by your process, SI and/or BPO capabilities. However, you are increasingly needing to include robotics as part of larger projects.

What's keeping you up at night? ​

  • Knowing you don't have the skills to perform the projects being sold. This 'good problem' is still a problem.
  • Creating openings at key clients for competitors who are better versed in robotics and have access to available, skilled resources
  • Robotics sub-contractors would put your business at risk by selling directly to your client.
How WonderBotz helps

We enable you to add robotics into your services without having to make the big investment. We are ready to:
  • Integrate with your teams and be indistinguishable from your resources
  • Provide skilled, certified resources who can deliver robotics without distracting from you and your bigger engagements
  • Coach and educate you to be ready to be robotics-smart with your clients

WonderBotz will be your robotics resource pool and coach. Please check out our professional services and enablement .