Take the headache out of mass invoice processing, and eliminate manual keying

Each month, organizations receive multiple invoices from vendors in a variety of formats. An AP processor needs to read and load each invoice into an AP system to take advantage of downstream automation.

The solution? Have a robot do it. The robot will monitor an email address and shared drive folder for vendor invoices. Upon receipt of an invoice, the robot uses OCR to convert the header and line item data into structured data. Next, the robot uploads it into your AP system and could also attach a PDF copy of the original invoice. ​

InvoiceBotz benefits to organizations

​With the InvoiceBotz solution, we’ve created a best-of-breed tool based on how humans retrieve, input, and pay out on invoices, and how a computer could take care of this process. You'll see the following benefits:

  • Frees AP processors to focus on higher value tasks
  • Provides end-to-end automation of the invoice registration process
  • Eliminates human error, and takes the headache out of processing multiple invoice formats

Let InvoiceBotz put RPA and OCR to work in conjunction with your existing AP technology and make this headache disappear.