What we do

We enable clients to adopt and monetize robotics and adjacent automation technologies. Our robotics consultants are robotics experts who know the tools, how to apply them, and have hands-on experience. Our services are available on both project and retainer basis, enabling us to engage with clients regardless of whether their funding capital or operating budget based.

Professional Services

Robotics strategy, design, build, implementation and operate activities all come under our professional services umbrella. Whether you are dipping your toe or going all-in on robotics, our team will guide and support your goals. We serve your needs throughout the automation lifecycle with our trained and certified resources and pre-configured tools for speed.
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Training & Mentoring

Training and mentoring help your team stand on its own and includes ongoing retainer services. Robotics software vendors provide technical help but are challenged to engage with continuity of people. We offer classroom training, certification exams, leading practices, design and code reviews plus access to the updated, evergreen toolkit in use with our professional services team.
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You get the benefits of virtual workers without having to do it yourself. Our experts build and operate robots based upon your schedule. It’s comparable to remote employees securely logging into your system to do their jobs. As everything is logged, you get visibility into work completed and in process. Best of all, it’s an operating rather than capital expense so you can fund it out of savings in the year.
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