Technology leader success

Your strategic IT road map has been making great progress since you embraced robotics. Your business clients are delighted with how you've modernized old systems while robots have addressed the day-to-day pain points.
Does this sound familiar?
Business clients don't think you get how hard their jobs are
Your project resources don't have enough capacity to deliver what's on the business list. While leadership is involved heavily in prioritization and understand the trade-offs, they are not happy going year after year without progress on their punch list.

Your requests to modernize keep getting put off because conversion is too hard
You and your business partner want to migrate a heavily-modified legacy application to a new modern cloud platform. The system is so old that nobody knows how it works anymore and the documentation isn't current. The one DBA you have is also covering multiple other older apps and fighting day-to-day fires.

You're the bad guy for not being able to apply the latest widgets to old technology
Your business partners keep asking for ways to put a digital front-end on an old legacy application. The issue is that it would take too long to enable it for web services and consume precious IT resources. The result is operations must keep throwing bodies at workarounds. You are the bad guy who always says 'no'.
Are these worries keeping you up at night?

  • When business leaders see next big thing, they'll move on from robotics and you'll be left holding a bag full of poorly documented, messy configurations.
  • How do we keep rogue robots from wreaking havoc on the business or, minimally, how do we get internal audit to understands that a robot is less risky than a human processor?
  • How long can you be the sole voice of reason when the market hype on the ease of robotics is getting louder and louder.
How WonderBotz helps
We want to help you maintain the high quality that your organization has come to expect from its technology team while also moving with speed to deliver solutions on-time and on-budget. We are ready to:
  • Bring robotics to technology projects such as a new way to extract information from legacy applications
  • Provide skilled and certified resources who deliver well designed and maintainable robotics solutions.
  • Help you mentor business partners on how to deploy robotics quickly and at scale without taking unnecessary risks.

WonderBotz will be your one-stop for helping you bring your organization's digital workforce into being. Please check out our professional services and training & mentoring pages.