Professional Services

We serve clients through individual projects or as bundled engagements such as build-operate-transfer. If you prefer, we can provide skilled and certified resources to work under your direction.
Co-experiment and pilot

Robotics, while no longer bleeding edge, is still early days. Not everything has been proven to be a good or not-so-good fit for robotics automation. Have an idea? WonderBotz wants to work with you to see how good robots could perform the job. We do this through our co-experimentation projects. We'll engage our architects and solution designers to come up with a plan and have our configuration team create your automation and run it in your test environment. Depending upon your choice of package, we could put it in production for a trial run.
Assess opportunities with cost-benefits

Does robotics make sense for you and how big is big? These are the two questions that we answer in our opportunity assessments. We have predesigned discovery workshops for engaging your teams performing the work today. We collect data to assess how much effort could be saved and begin assembling your automation backlog. We also have financial models to understand what to expect over time and the impact of speed and scale on your cost-benefit analysis.

An editorial note: many leaders fear that their teams will resist robotics. More often, they are eager to help as soon as they understand robotics. Your teams will recognize robotics as a way to offload "mind-numbing work" to use the words of a workshop attendee.

Design and configure

This is what might be thought of as a typical configuration project which we would deliver either through a waterfall or agile approach (our preferred way). A business design is created. A solution designer works through it. The quality lead checks and approves the design. The automation is built and unit tested. The quality lead verifies that it was built per the solution design. Users test and approve it. It's packaged for turnover to production.
Run business-as-usual (BAU)

Once automations are built, your operations team must put it into production and keep it running as scheduled by the business. The includes making minor updates as changes are made in underlying systems as well as creating additional exception handling processes and other minor enhancements. It doesn't take a lot of effort to maintain an automation but your scheduling and employee vacations will require that you maintain a small team. WonderBotz can provide this service to you reliably for your piece of mind.
Provide trained and certified resources

Sometimes you just need a few extra set of capable hands to complete your work. We have skilled and certified resources who can work from our offices or yours, depending upon how you've set up your robotics infrastructure.