Careers with WonderBotz
Robotic process automation is just beginning to take hold as early adopters describe their successes. WonderBotz was formed to help organizations capture the value from RPA. We're growing and are always seeking more talent.
Roles we're filling
Why talented people join us

We believe that 'what's right' rather than 'who's right' and, as a fun fast-growing firm, offer many opportunities for professional growth and development. Our partners are professional services veterans with a keen interest in mentoring our future leaders. Our teaming philosophy is simple - "be successful by making the people around you successful both clients and colleagues."  This applies to everyone from partners to interns.

What we look for

Our team members represent a diverse set of people and backgrounds, with the shared belief in furthering their career, mastering new challenges and being part of something bigger than themselves. We want colleagues who run toward rather than run away from challenges and who produce great work.  

Our culture and values

Our leaders believe that trust and collaboration are the keys to sustained growth and success for our clients and us. We build trust and collaboration through transparency, straight-talk, relationships in and outside of work, consistency of action, clarity of purpose and fairness. Not only do we want our clients to feel great about working with us, our secret ambition is to get them promoted (our at least a big bonus) through their choice to work with us.
Our practitioner career framework

Our framework gives our people the flexibility to build skills aligned to their interests while facilitating collaboration across our firm. We encourage our practitioners to build their skills as part of individual development plans which are also aligned to WonderBotz market opportunities and needs.

We focus on the following client-facing skills:
  • Technology, spanning configuration, modeling, and architecture for select robotics software packages
  • Process and strategy, spanning RPA opportunity identification, CBA and implementation planning
  • Training and knowledge management
  • Project management
  • Client account management

For each key skill, we assess your individual level of mastery, using a five-point supervision requirement scale as a key factor among others.

Jobs and levels at WonderBotz

Separate from the partners, we have three groups of employees who perform the many different roles at WonderBotz: 
  1. Practitioners serve our clients as part of commercial contracts. Organizational levels are managed through our global career framework and your level is determined by highest skill level within the framework and market conditions. Go to our expectations  page
  2. Sales and client management are client-facing roles who grow our client base and manage our business at existing clients.
  3. Headquarter roles are how we run our business and include people team, finance and accounting, and office management.

See our practitioner openings page.